Upcoming events - 2024


1 March Northern Dinner in Newcastle

14 March Annual General Meeting

21 March Overseas Territories Debate in Belfast

26 March Webinar with the Maritime Archaeology Sea Trust

23 April St Helena Fundraising Launch Reception 

16 July Charity Summer BBQ

5 December Annual Black Tie Gala Dinner 


6 Feb British Indian Ocean Territory Reception with Henry Smith MP

Past events 2023

13 February            UK Antarctic Heritage Trust Webinar

21 February         10-Year Anniversary Book launch 

8 March         Virtual Annual General Meeting

24 March          Northern Dinner in Newcastle

30 March Dinner with Michael Binyon OBE

15 May News from the Overseas Territories Webinar

21 May Afternoon Tour of the National Maritime Museum

29 June Meet and Greet with The Hon. Claude Hogan MLA

18 July Charity Summer BBQ

7 September College of Arms Evening Tour and Supper

13 September Conservation in the British Overseas Territories (webinar)

2 October Reception at Conservative Party Conference

28 October Northern Reception in York

30 November        Christmas Gala Fundraising Dinner

Past events 2022

   12 February     Norfolk Dinner in Norwich with Duncan Baker MP 

14 February           Webinar on Darwin200 Voyage with Stewart McPherson

4 March   Northern Dinner in Newcastle with Andrew Gwynne MP 

8 March   Annual General Meeting (Online)

29 March   British Overseas Territories All-Party Parliamentary Group Reception 

26 April          Montserrat Fundraising Reception

11 June           Falklands Liberation 40th Anniversary Event

12 July                          Summer BBQ and Market Stand

30 October   Britain’s Next Prime Minister – A view from our Overseas Territories Online Event

2 October                   Reception at Conservative Party Conference 

   22 November         Gibraltar webinar

   1 December              Black Tie Christmas Dinner

Past events 2021

   9 February                 Falkland Islands Museum Webinar

10 March                    Annual General Meeting

23 March   RSPB and Tristan da Cunha's Marine Protection Zone Webinar

22 April                        In Conversation with Vice Admiral Sir Adrian Johns, Former Governor of Gibraltar Webinar

5 May                            St Helena and the Bicentenary of Napoleon Bonaparte's Death Webinar

22 June                        Cayman Islands General Election Review and Introduction to Incoming UK Representative

  10 August                   Summer BBQ and Market Stand

4 September             Sponsored Walk

8 September           Visit to Gibraltar 

4 October                   Reception at Conservative Party Conference 

28 October                FOTBOT Curry in Newcastle

  2 December               Black Tie Christmas Dinner

Past events 2020

   29 January     British Indian Ocean Reception, London 

7 February                  Northern Reception, Newcastle

24 February               Charity AGM, Charing Cross Library, London

5 May           Impact of COVID-19 on the Overseas Territories Webinar

19 May                          Quiz Night with Andrew Rosindell MP

16 June           Pitcairn Webinar

14 July   Stewart McPherson Darwin 200 Project Webinar

11 August                   South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Webinar

September                 Visit to Gibraltar

3 October                   Impact of COVID-19 on the Overseas Territories at Conservative Virtual Conference

3 November              Launch of Britain's Distant Seas with Stewart McPherson Webinar

8 December              Christmas Quiz

Past events 2019

   8 February Northern Reception, Newcastle

   21 March St Helena Reception, London

9 April             FOBOT Book Launch, Charing Cross Library, London

15 May     Rum Tasting, Cayman Islands Government, London

20 May                   Ascension Island Reception, London

13 June                           Bermuda Government Reception with Friends of the British Overseas Territories

17 July                             Summer Reception, London

30 September             Reception, Manchester

25 October                   Charity Stand, Belfast

   4 December                 Black Tie Dinner Fundraiser, London

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