Voyage Leg 30: saint helena to ascension island

Start Point: Saint Helena Island

Departure Date: 18/05/2025

End Point: Ascension Island

Arrival Date: 25/05/2025

Price: €1,680

This voyage leg takes you to two of the most fascinating of the UK Overseas Territories.

Commercial flights service Saint Helena. Arrive before the voyage leg begins to explore historic Jamestown, Longwood House (where Napoleon Boneparte died), undertake hikes around the island to the many forts, coves and spectacular viewpoints. Visit impressive seabird colonies, Saint Helena’s museum, old flax mills and spot the unique wirebird. Try local cuisine including delicious wild-caught tuna steaks!

Then sail to Ascension, one of the most interesting volcanic islands in the world, home to vast nesting turtle populations, migrating land crabs, large seabird colonies and colonial fort. Trek up Green Mountain to visit an artificial rainforest instigated by Charles Darwin, visit the island’s historic forts and defences, a fascinating museum and snorkel in the warm tropical waters! Royal Airforce flights (available to the public) enable easy travel to the UK after this leg.

We are organising land based tours as optional add ons, before and after this voyage leg to visit the key sites of Saint Helena and Ascension Island.

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In partnership with local companies and guides, we have organised the following land based tours. Included: all accommodation, ground transportation, food and activities, as well as a donation to local conservation projects.

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Guided Tour of Saint Helena

Start Date: 11/05/2025

End Date: 17/05/2025

This tour is intended for those arriving early at Saint Helena. Join local naturalists and historians to meet giant tortoises, explore flax mills and the ruins of forts. Spot tropic birds, boobies and the unique wirebird. Visit Napoleon’s last residence, a local museum and treks along the island’s dramatic coasts.

Guided Tour of Ascension Island

Start Date: 25/05/2025

End Date: 30/05/2025

This tour is designed for those staying longer on Ascension Island. Explore Ascension’s Victorian forts, dramatic volcanic cinder cones, and a man-made rainforest. Our visit coincides with peak turtle-hatchling season. Observe hatchings emerge at night, visit vast seabird colonies, spot land crabs and more!