Voyage Leg 17: Easter island to french polynesia, via the pitcairn islands

Start Point: Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

Departure Date: 13/06/2024

End Point: Mangareva (French Polynesia)

Arrival Date: 29/06/2024

Price: €4,250

Start at Easter Island (home to the famous ‘Moai’ head statues). Regular flights are available from mainland Chile to Easter Island. Spend a few days exploring Easter Island before this voyage leg, then sail across the Pacific Ocean to land at fascinating Pitcairn Island, home to the descendants of the mutiny on the Bounty. We will spend time ashore, then sail through the coral-rich waters of French Polynesia, arriving at Mangareva, in the Gambier Islands. Flights connect Mangareva to Tahiti, allowing for easy onward travel (or stay longer at one of Tahiti’s exquisite beach side resorts).

  • Snorkel coral waters and the wreck site of HMAV Bounty, the watch the Bounty Day celebrations and the burning of a replica of the Bounty, followed by a delicious feast.

  • The Island’s Museum, Fletcher Christian’s cave, Bounty relics and as ancient Polynesian rock carvings.

  • Diverse wildlife, including unique plants, endemic birds and ‘Mrs T’ and introduced giant Galapagos tortoise!

  • Meet Pitcairn’s warm community and local savour local crafts and cuisine: local breadfruit, unique honey, exquisite wood carvings and beautiful Polynesian Tapa!

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