Austin Harris Jnr, MLA, Charity Honorary President

Term September 2019 to Present

Mr. Harris was born at George Town Hospital, Cayman Islands to parents, the late Austin "Bossie" Harris Sr., a Civil Servant for nearly 30 years with the Mosquito Research and Control Unit and his wife, Rubenice "Ruby" Harris, a beautician and owner of Ruby's Beauty Salon. He has two siblings, David Frederick and Robert Michael Harris and is the proud Father to a son, Alexander Harris.

On May 24, 2017, Mr. Harris was successfully elected to office and appointed as a Councilor for the Ministry of Employment, Border Control, Community Affairs, International Trade, Investment, Aviation and Maritime Affairs, led by the Hon. Premier, Alden McLaughlin MBE, JP.

Andrew Fox - Chairman Board of Trustees

Term April 2014 to Present

Andrew Fox's background is in finance and investment, in particular in Russia and the Far East, and serves as Chairman of the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation who were instrumental in supporting the formation of FOTBOT. Andrew has also served as British Honorary Consul in Vladivostok for twenty years.

Simon Leary - Trustee

Term: February 2015 to Present

Simon has over thirty years of experience advising governments, NGOs, charity and the private sector on performance improvement, policy development, financing and transactions in multiple sectors.

He has visited over one hundred countries and played active philanthropic roles in a number of these. Simon is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a Fellow of the RSA. He was educated at Cambridge University, London Business School and Insead.

Albert Poggio GMH OBE - Trustee

Term: February 2019 to Present

Mr Albert Poggio sits as a Director on the Board of The Gibraltar Inward Investment Unit and is COO of The Gibraltar National Mint. Mr Poggio is Chairman of Calpe House Ltd and is responsible for overseeing the interests of the charity and its facilities "Calpe House", in Paddington, London, which offers home-from-home accommodation for patients and families from Gibraltar whilst in the United Kingdom for specialist medical treatment under the Gibraltar Health Authority Scheme.

Mr Poggio has been past-Chairman, and a founding member, of the United Kingdom Overseas Territories Association (UKOTA). This Association represents the interests of the 12 remaining British Overseas Territories.

Philip Smith - Chief Executive

I founded FOTBOT in 2013 to develop relationships with British Overseas Territory (BOT) Citizens, especially students studying in the UK with the objective of establishing a sustainable project promoting BOT interests and supporting its young people. I am passionate about developing skills for younger people in particular providing coaching and mentoring to those without the necessary tools to help themselves. We are always on the lookout for active volunteers so please do get in touch if you would like to support the continued development of our services.

Elizabeth Anderson - Deputy Chief Executive

Elizabeth Anderson works for a prestigious London based professional body, leading on charity governance. She has long been fascinated by the British Overseas Territories, and how we can raise awareness of their existence, their culture and environment, and their role in world politics. Elizabeth has long been an advocate for how democracy can be used to make change, with a particular focus around environmental matters.

Vacant - Events Coordinator

Stephen Hodgson - Finance Officer

I first started to learn about the British Overseas Territories after travelling to Gibraltar and I was immediately hooked. There are more than 250,000 British citizens living in these unique, varied, fascinating, and often far-flung locations. I enjoy playing a small part in helping to raise awareness of the history, geography, natural environment and communities that exist in the BOTs and in turn helping to ensure that they continue to be valued members of the British family of nations with a bright future.

Matthew Jones - Membership Secretary

My association with FOTBOT was born from my sincere desire to support the Overseas Territories in their growth and journey to self governance. The territories have a unique set of challenges as well as assets and it is my hope that I can play some small part in supporting them as well as encouraging others to do so as well.

Sarah Cooper-Lesadd - Executive Secretary

From a young age, I have always been fascinated with the British overseas territories having been a flag bearer for the commonwealth parliamentary association conference. This gave me an insight into Britain's responsibilities with not only its overseas neighbours but the wider commonwealth and its overseas territories. Since this time I have graduated from Cambridge and have taken on several different roles having worked in financial PR and more recently the civil service.

Ben Brickley - Public Relations Manager

I joined FOTBOT in 2017. Having previously worked for the U.S. Embassy under the Obama administration where he helped set up a program designed to get students in the UK connected with motivational speakers, business leaders and politicians from the United States. In 2014 i worked for Raleigh International in Tanzania providing sustainable development to rural villages and delivering education programs to local Tanzanian schools. It was this international interest that made me want to add my experiences to promoting and supporting the British Overseas Territories.

Kieron Murphy - Projects Coordinator

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the British Overseas Territories, from their history to their fantastic natural diversity and wildlife. I'm passionate about promoting these great communities and representing their status by inspiring and educating others. To me it's important that their status is upheld in the UK and that people have to opportunity to understand and access as much information and the choice they all have in the their right to self determination.

Will Radford - Charity Secretary

My interest in the British Overseas Territories comes from my love of history. These Territories have a rich past, exciting present, but sadly in some cases an uncertain future. I joined FOTBOT to raise awareness of the British Overseas Territories, in the hope that more public awareness will lead to a better deal for both the territories themselves, and for students from the Overseas Territories when they come to the UK to study.

Gus Eldridge - Merchandise Coordinator

I have always supported a country's right to self determination and this is not hard to see with the British Overseas Territories where in 1967 the people of Gibraltar voted 99.6% to maintain British sovereignty in their referendum and more recently in 2013 the Falkland Islands people voted 99.8% to maintain this. FOTBOT supports a range of issues from supporting British university students in getting the same rights as UK students at UK universities to disaster relief when hurricanes hit our overseas territories.

Anja Junges - Charity Ambassador Coordinator

As a German foreigner who has been living in the UK for almost 8 years I have been committed to learn about British culture, politics and heritage since day one. I became aware of the Commonwealth and its heritage very quickly whereas it took me a while to discover the importance of the British Overseas Territories as unfortunately the average British person does not know a lot about these territories at all. This is exactly why I want to learn as much as possible about the BOTs whilst helping to increase public awareness and promote a closer relationship between Britain and its Overseas Territories.

Promoting, Supporting and Increasing Awareness


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