FOTBOT celebrates 2 year anniversary

Thursday 26th March saw the Friends of the British Overseas Territories celebrate their two year anniversary with keynote speaker Albert Poggio OBE, UK Representative for the Government of Gibraltar and President of FOTBOT.

Poggio, who is also an experienced businessman, spoke about his experiences as Gibraltar's UK Representative and his work as President of UKOTA. He spoke at length about Gibraltar's relationship with the UK and the recent comments from Labour leader Ed Miliband on Gibraltar's tax affairs. He highlighted the problems with regard to obstructions on the border with Spain and how they hurt both Gibraltarians and Spanish alike. He closed by expressing his appreciation for being keynote speaker for FOTBOT's two year anniversary celebration.

Chief Executive of FOTBOT, Philip Smith, spoke and expressed his delight at how FOTBOT has progressed over the last two years and his hopes for the future. He continued by outlining current campaigns and initiatives by FOTBOT. A great speech also followed from Mr Jackie Lam. Lam, who was born in Hong Kong, spoke powerfully about the recent protests in Hong Kong against the Chinese Government and the relationship between the UK and all the overseas territories. The evening concluded with a vote of thanks and a surprise birthday cake to celebrate the anniversary.