FOTBOT at the fco

On Wednesday the 27th of November, FOTBOT were invited to the Overseas Territories Joint-Ministerial Council reception at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Hosted by Foreign Minister Mark Simmonds - the event was attended by Chief Ministers, Premiers, overseas ministers, representatives and supporters of the Overseas Territories.

This was the first time the entire FOTBOT committee has been invited to attend such a prestigious event at the Foreign Office.

Committee members had the chance to speak with people such as the Premier of the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda and Tristan Da Cunha along with FCO officials and supporting MPs about how FOTBOT can support Overseas Territories and in general, create awareness of what our aims are within the UK and overseas.

Ambitions that we understood may need supporting were:

-Better transportation links between the remote Atlantic Islands.

-Support for the people of the Ascension Islands who may lose the right to live on the island.

-Promotion of jobs vacancies within all of the Overseas Territories which require skilled people from the UK.

As always, FOTBOT looks forwards to all future meetings and events which supports the Overseas Territories and hope to rally more people to our cause.