Bermuda: prospects for students?

Ashauntae Trimm talks to Fotbot about life in Bermuda and how she sees the future for the territory

Can you describe how you and your family came to live in Bermuda?

I was born and raised in Bermuda, however I have family from Trinidad!

What are some of the questions do you get asked about Bermuda?

Haha, there are so many but the two main ones are is Bermuda apart of Africa or America, and

is the Bermuda Triangle real?

Are your long term plans to live and work in Bermuda? Are there good employment opportunities for young residents?

I do indeed plan on working and living in Bermuda once I finish my degree, however I’d like to have the opportunity to live and work elsewhere. If I am honest there aren’t many employment opportunities for young residents at the current moment due to the economic situation!

In your opinion how much support does the British government give to Bermuda and how can it be improved upon?

I honestly do not think that the British government gives Bermuda that much support and if they do I am not aware of it.

How close is the community and do they have a strong sense of British identity or is there a unique Bermudian way of life?

Bermuda is one big family; we definitely have our own unique way of life. The energy of the people is amazing! However, just like every family we do have our issues.

Are there any pressing environmental or conservation issues in the Bermuda? Would you meet with the government of Bermuda to discuss your thoughts?

Of course I would love too, but I feel like there is no point because they are still largely going to do what they think is what’s best and what benefits them at the end of the day.

What do you think about the current government and what are your thoughts on the future for Bermuda?

I am not a fan of the current government, they basically sold us a dream that never came true. They have made so many promises that they have yet to fulfill, and I was hoping that they would use their power for the betterment of the territory. As for the future of Bermuda, I honestly do not know. I just hope it gets better especially because I have two young nieces and a nephew!

Has the recent Panama Papers controversy affected Bermuda in any way?

The Panama Papers controversy has not affect Bermuda at all, well at least for now.

How can FOTBOT reach out more to those living in Bermuda, especially students?

Definitely through social media! Social media is the way of life for young people!