5 minutes with Ashuantae trimm

-About me

My name is Ashauntae Trimm, I am 20 years old from Bermuda. I am currently doing my BA in Education. Once I finish my BA I hope to progress to a Masters Degree in Special Education.

-What brings you to the UK?

I wanted to experience something different, I had the support of my parents and brother, I decided I would study in the UK. I must say I am really happy with my decision.

-How have you found adapting to life in Britain?

I am adapting really well to life in Britain. I am still trying to get used to the cold and rainy weather.

-What value does FOTBOT add for you as an Overseas Territories student?

FOTBOT adds a great value because it helps to bring knowledge to those who aren't aware of our countries and FOTBOT is a great support system to everyone who is an Overseas Territories student.

-How would you like to see FOTBOT expand?

I think FOTBOT is doing a great job at building awareness in the UK - I look forwards to seeing the territories being able to identify it as a means of support.

-What are your thoughts on the future of your country/territory?

The future of my country? I never really thought about the future of my country but I do hope that it will continue to prosper in every aspect.

-Should they retain links with Britain or seek independence?

I personally think that Bermuda should retain their links with Britain because England provides great opportunities for Bermudians. I do not think independence would benefit Bermuda.