PLEASE EMAIL with your name, number and brief summary of your request and we will arrange to call you back.

The FOTBOT Information Hotline is a service available to you in order for you to access advice and guidance in relation to the services available to British Overseas Territory individuals studying or working within the United Kingdom. All calls are treated confidentially and will not be discussed with third parties unless it relates to a health and safety matter.

When to use it

You should use the FOTBOT Information Hotline if you are an Overseas Territory student within the United Kingdom and need advice or support.

Call us if:

· You are struggling with lockdown and need support

· You need help with a particular service but are unsure where to look

· You are seeking Careers Guidance and wish to book an appointment to see an Advisor

· You want to find out more about our internship programme and the volunteer opportunities we have available

· You are wanting to meet new people with an interest in your home territory

· You are struggling with any aspect of life within the United Kingdom

· You are wanting to be put in touch with your territory office but are unsure how to contact them

How does it work?

The FOTBOT Information Hotline is staffed by a team of volunteer advisors. Where we are unable to answer your query we will always try to put you in contact with the relevant department.

Calls to the FOTBOT Information Hotline may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.