Landslide victory for PLP in Bermuda election

By Jonathan Kitto,

Premier David Burt’s Progressive Labour Party has achieved an astounding victory in last night’s snap election, winning 30 of the 36 seats in the House of Assembly. This is an increase of 6 on the 24 seats the party won back in 2017.

The opposition party One Bermuda Alliance, led by former Premier Craig Cannonier, failed to gain any new seats and lost 6 constituencies to the PLP, leaving the party with only 6 MPs. Whilst newly created party the Free Democratic Movement led by former PLP leader Marc Bean put up 14 candidates for election but failed to gain a single seat after achieving only 5.37% of the popular vote.

Premier David Burt

Several independent candidates also stood for election but gained a meagre 67 votes between them (0.26% of the popular vote).

The snap election, called by Premier David Burt to avoid by-elections, has certainly been a great success for his party. However, commentators were quick to note the relatively low voter turnout of just under 56%. With the election boiling down to which party was best able to mobilise their voters and “get the vote out”.

Reasons for the low voter turnout can be partly attributed to the nature of the snap election but more significantly due to the “Covid Effect”. Many voters were thought to have stayed at home rather than heading to the polls due to concerns over the current Covid-19 Pandemic.

Everyone at FOTBOT would like to convey their congratulations to Premier David Burt as well as all elected members who will serve the people of Bermuda.