Fotbot Visit to Anguilla

Published 21/08/22

Our Chief Executive, Philip Smith, visited Anguilla last month. During the visit Philip conducted visits to the Anguilla Parliament and government buildings of interest - as well as looking at the new jetty at Sandy Ground and the new harbour building under construction at Blowing Point - both projects are funded by the UK Government.

Philip also met with the former opposition leader, Pam Webster over at Island Harbour where he was updated on the latest issues on the island following COVID - in particular the inflation and cost of living crisis being impacted on citizens.

Concerns were also raised about food supplies, noticeably by the rise of Chinese-owned supermarkets which dominate the island. Chinese influence and investment is a growing trend in the Caribbean and is concerning to see Chinese businesses able to control the food supplies in such a way in Anguilla.

During visits and island walkabouts, Philip spoke to many residents about how they feel towards the United Kingdom - which was roundly positive - many saw the UK as the motherland who protected them during COVID and were first on-site to assist following Hurricane Irma. Residents saw the UK as a destination to send their younger relatives for education. Many islanders would like to see a stronger UK presence and more UK tourists on the island. Philip noted that Anguilla is a truly beautiful island and can't wait to take more FOTBOT members to see it.