FOTBOT Statement on the universal postal union's banning of british stamps from the chagos islands

Friends of the British Overseas Territories condemns the Universal Postal Union's decision to ban British stamps from the Chagos Islands. The UN has once again overstepped its role when it comes to the Overseas Territories. It is not the UN’s place to decide sovereignty of the Chagos Islands. That is a bilateral issue between the UK and Mauritius. Even if one believes that the Islands should become Mauritian, it is a simple fact that they are currently administered by the UK, therefore British stamps should be used.

FOTBOT CEO Philip Smith has said ‘this decision shows once again that the UN is unfortunately no friend of the British Overseas Territories. Just as Argentina and Spain have with the Falkland Islands and Gibraltar, Mauritius has taken advantage of the UN to pursue its illegitimate claim to the Chagos Islands.

As per the UK’s past agreement with Mauritius, it will hand the islands over when they are no longer needed for military purposes. But with geopolitical tensions in East Asia rising, the islands are vital to ensuring the West can maintain its influence in the face of China.

We urge the Universal Postal Union to reverse this decision.’