By Elizabeth Anderson, Deputy Chief Executive

Rounding off our 2019 charitable campaign, we were delighted to present the RSPB with £1,000 for the Gough Island Restoration Project – a scheme to rebalance the biodiversity of this remote island, part of the Tristan da Cunha archipelago.

After humans introduced mice to the island over two centuries ago, they have evolved to attack the eggs, chicks and even adult birds of endemic species, such as the Tristan albatross and the Gough bunting. These precious birds are at risk from mice who are flourishing with no natural predators, and risk wiping out the native birds. Drawing on expertise honed around the globe, the RSPB is working with the Tristan da Cunha government and the South African government to tackle the threat.

FOTBOT’s donation – raised from our members and supporters – will go some way to supporting this multi-million pound scheme. Deputy Chief Executive, Elizabeth Anderson, said “Protecting the natural heritage of the British Overseas Territories is core to our work. We were delighted to support the RSPB this year, and hope that this contribution goes some way to furthering their work to save the rare and beautiful birds on Gough Island.”

FOTBOT will continue to collect donations for the scheme until February 2020, and you can donate at