Gift Aid

As a charity, we are extremely grateful that if you choose to join one of our donor clubs or to make an individual donation that you Gift Aid it.

Donating through Gift Aid means we can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. It will not cost you any extra.

Select the Word icon to download a Gift Aid form.

'Our Donor's Club'

Are you keen to support our charitable work?

Why not go the extra mile and join our donor's club today!

We have three excellent donor club options for you to consider; they are 'Bronze', 'Seniors' and 'Patrons'.

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1. Bronze Donor Club Option

For just £25 per month you can secure all the benefits of individual membership plus free access to 90% of our events all year round. Not bad hey? Your regular donation will enable FOTBOT to continue our vital work in accordance with our Charitable Objectives.

Free events in entry level Donor's Club:

> New Years Reception (usually £25)

> Easter Reception (usually £25)

> Spring Reception typically with a Premier of a British Overseas Territory (usually £25)

> Summer Reception (usually £30)

> Autumn Reception (usually £25)

2. Senior Donor Club Option

For £50 per month you can secure all the benefits of bronze membership plus the following;

> Black Tie Christmas Dinner (usually £95)

> Priority for Commonwealth Day Tickets

> A custom made silk Charity Tie and pair of Charity Cufflinks

3. Patrons Donor Club Option

For £100 per month you can secure all the benefits of bronze and Senior donor membership plus the following;

> A Patrons Only Membership Reception every twelve months (Free)

> Priority for attending all FOTBOT events

> Added to our Patrons Register with the option to be publically thanked at our Christmas Black Tie Dinner

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