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Friends of the British Overseas Territories have led raising awareness of issues impacting upon our UK family since 2013. We’ve been there providing support when hurricanes hit, when environmental issues are ignored and when local charities including museums, schools, and communities require a helping hand.

A gift to Friends of the British Overseas Territories in your will means we can continue to be there, long into the future. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to support nearly as many people as we do.

Any gift you may wish to leave, of any size, can be a lifeline to our Overseas Territories in need of support when a crisis happens.

To discover the impact a gift in your will can make, request our free information pack by emailing

We are pleased to be a member of the 'Remember a Charity in Your Will' organisation.

What Programs have you recently supported?

Thanks to the generosity of recent donations we have been able to support specific projects within the Overseas Territories. This has included hurricane relief money to three Overseas Territories impacted by Irma in 2017.

Since that time we have donated to the Montserrat National Trust followed in 2019 by the Gough Island Restoration, a partnership programme by the RSPB and the Tristan da Cunha Government, to save the loss of over two million seabird chicks. More recently we have raised money to support the expansion of the Falkland Islands Museum.

We are particularly proud of our partnership with the Don Hanson Trust where we have enabled books to be distributed to several thousand primary schools across the UK. This campaign has led to a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural beauty and unique status of our Overseas Territories.

What will you do with the funds that I leave to the charity?

We will use any valued legacy donations to continue funding specific projects (as described above) that are of paramount importance to the Overseas Territories and crucially where the funding would not otherwise be forthcoming.

How to leave a gift in your Will to Friends of the British Overseas Territories

To include our charity in your Will, simply give your solicitor or Will writer the following details:

Charity name: Friends of the British Overseas Territories

Charity Address: Po Box 2635, Ilford, IG1 8UA

Charity Number: 1156763

1. Find a solicitor or Will writer

Your Will is the most important document you will ever sign. We always advise getting expert advice, for peace of mind.

Use this database to search for qualified advisors in your local area.

2. Read this Guide on Making a Will

Take a look at this guide on making a Will for advice on what you need to consider when writing your Will.

3. Contact your solicitor or will writer

Provide your Solicitor or Will writer with details of our chosen charity. They will need our full charity name, charity address and registered charity number.