The Darwin200 global voyage

FOTBOT has partnered with the Darwin200 Project to offer our members and supporters the unique opportunity to visit the Falkland Islands (in 2023), Pitcairn Island (in 2024), as well as Saint Helena and Ascension Island (in 2025).

These Overseas Territories are rich with fascinating history, vivid heritage and diverse wildlife. This is your chance to experience these amazing Territories for yourself.

The Darwin200 Project involves sailing a spectacular tall ship (called Oosterschelde) around the world, following the journey of Charles Darwin aboard the ship HMS Beagle.

FOTBOT members and supporters have the opportunity to sail aboard Oosterschelde, to visit these remote Overseas Territories and take part in land-based tours to discover each Territory’s fascinating history, wildlife and cultures.

What is the Darwin200 Global Voyage?

Darwin200 is a planetary conservation initiative that will empower the next generation to better care for our world.

After a decade of intense planning, and two successful test voyages in 2020 and 2021, the DARWIN200 Global Voyage will commence in 2023. We will make landfall at key locations where Charles Darwin stepped ashore during the voyage of HMS Beagle to enable the following three project objectives:

  • Train elite young conservationists, one from each of two hundred countries and states around the world. These ‘Darwin Leaders’ will become tomorrow’s top environmental decision makers and drivers of change.

  • Create the World’s Most Exciting Classroom by beaming activities, research projects, experiments, lectures, competitions and weekly ‘nature hour’ events to schools across the globe to engage millions of students, teachers and members of the general public.

  • Undertake citizen science research projects by partnering with key conservation organisations to engage global audiences in tackling many of the world’s most critical environmental problems.

The Darwin200 Global Voyage consists of 32 Legs that include the following visits to UK Overseas Territories with FOTBOT:

VOYAGE LEG 9: Puerto Santa Cruz to Stanley, Falkland Islands

VOYAGE LEG 17: Easter Island (Rapa Nui) to Pitcairn to Mangareva (French Polynesia)

VOYAGE LEG 30: Saint Helena Island to Ascension Island

Find out more about each leg below, and book your place on the voyage here.

About the ship

The Darwin200 Global Voyage will be undertaken aboard the historic 50 metre long tall ship Oosterschelde.

Built in 1918, this uniquely restored, three-masted schooner is one of the most beautiful historic vessels afloat.

She can carry 24 voyage crew (members of the public joining as sailors) plus professional crew. She has a bar, a piano and a wood-fired stove.

You will be accommodated in comfortable, single-sex cabins that consist of 2 or 4 bunks.

Oosterschelde has already successfully completed two past global voyages (in 1996-98 and 2012-14).

Explore Oosterschelde via a photo gallery and a virtual 3D tour.

Monthly Info Session

At 7 PM London time (GMT time), on the first day of every month, Darwin200 hold a live information session about the 2023-25 Global Voyage.

Each Information Session is beamed via Zoom and includes an overview of the global voyage, information about each of the 32 voyage legs, a live walk around Oosterschelde (when her schedule allows) and a Questions and Answers exchange.

Join the next Info Session here.

Remember: each monthly session is held on the first day of every month at 7 PM GMT.

Life on board

On each voyage leg, up to 24 places are available for members of the general public wishing to sail aboard Oosterschelde.

All cabins aboard Oosterschelde are fitted with a washbasin with hot and cold running water. Showers are communal. In the spacious and stylishly appointed salon there are reading tables, seating areas and a piano. The floor heating and wood-burning stove ensure an agreeable temperature inside.

In the salon the captain or first mate will inform you on the progress of the voyage and the weather on a daily basis. The library offers books on the area being travelled, the flora and fauna and other ships. General literature is also available, as are a number of DVD’s and magazines.


The crew members are highly experienced ocean going sailors, which often sail with the Oosterschelde. The crew holds all the required certificates and diplomas and is qualified to sail worldwide. The atmosphere on board is informal and friendly.


Our experienced cook will prepare three well-balanced meals a day. In between meals snacks will be served. Coffee, tea and milk are included in the price. Other drinks (including alcoholic beverages from the bar) will be totted up during and charged at the end of each voyage leg.


Family and friends at home can follow the ships news and progress via our website. In case of an emergency the ship can be reached directly by Iridium satellite telephone. The number is: +881631850669.


Sailing aboard Oosterschelde is a very special experience.

The crew will be happy to explain the function of all the ropes, halyards and sheets to you. You will be assigned watches with the crew to sail, steer and navigate the ship.


Oosterschelde is equipped to sail worldwide. For this purpose the vessel holds all the safety certificates required by Dutch law (as the vessel is registered in the Netherlands).

The qualified and experienced crew of at least 7 persons also contributes to ensuring safe passage. Each sailing area requires special preparations because there are no facilities along the way to repair something or to procure parts.

We are able to produce drinking water from seawater using a filter system. Food is stored aboard immediately prior to departure.

There are two rubber dinghies onboard with outboard motor and a wooden sloop for transport to the shore. In the interests of safety there are safety vests and life rafts, fire detection and fire extinction installations, a very extensive medicine cabinet, Epirb, radar transponder, etc.

For navigation and communications purposes the ‘Oosterschelde’ is equipped with a radar set, two compasses, satellite navigation system, an echo sounder, a sextant, an SSB radio, an Inmarsat-C-fax terminal, 4 marine telephones, etc.

The sign up process

To join FOTBOT on the DARWIN200 Global Voyage, please undertake the following steps:

Step 1. Select a Voyage Leg and complete the online booking form to apply to join. Please write “FOTBOT BOOKING” in the Additional Information box of your booking form.

Step 2. We will review your booking form. If all details are in order and availability remains, we will offer you a place by email.

Step 3. We will invoice you for a deposit payment of 500 Euros for each place on each voyage leg you apply to join. This deposit is fully refundable until December 31st, 2022.

Step 4. On receipt of your deposit payment, we will confirm your place. Welcome aboard - you are part of the Global Voyage, contingent upon your completing the remaining steps.

Step 5. We will send you a link to an online Voyage Information Form, which contains essential medical and safety information that we require prior to sailing. Your details will be kept strictly confidential. You must complete the Voyage Information Form by December 31st, 2022.

Step 6. 50% of the balance for your participation will be due on January 1st, 2023.

Step 7. The remaining 50% of the balance will be due 60 days prior to your embarkation on Oosterschelde.

Step 8. Preparations for your Adventure - we will provide information and support to assist you prior to joining Oosterschelde. Before the start of your voyage leg, you will be introduced to your shipmates via a preparatory information and Q&A sessions on Zoom.

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