2018 Campaigns

In March 2018 FOTBOT launched a new campaign segment of our charity where we focus on an overseas territory to raise a charitable campaign for each year

In 2018 we have chosen Montserrat as our OT to support with Project Montserrat.

Project Montserrat is a collaborative project in which FOTBOT is engaging with the Montserrat National Trust and the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum (UKOTCF) in supporting nature conservation through working with local land owners, schools and communities to clear invasive plants and in return growing native endemic and threatened plants.

In addition to this beaches and rivers are cleared of plastic debris and other wastes. The benefits of which are many fold contributing to improved ecosystem services including fresh water, the ability to grow food on the island, promote nature tourism and a more sustainable economy.

The project has seen additional outputs such as enhancing aesthetic appeal, improving tourism and environmental education.

Project Montserrat has been running for some time but financial support is running low. Charitable donations from collective NGOs adds up to help pay for key tasks enabling continuation of the project. These key tasks include developing the nursery, work with land owners on management plans, developing education and outreach in the community.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

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