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MONTSERRAT ECO PLAY Appeal 2022-2023

In 2022/23, FOTBOT supported the creation of an exciting new facility in Montserrat called Eco Play. This planned multi-functional building and park is being developed by the Montserrat National Trust with the intention of creating a fully accessible eco-friendly educational and play space for children of all ages.

Montserrat is still rebuilding after the devastation caused by the volcanic eruption that left two thirds of the island inaccessible, but it is an island of hope and optimism. The National Trust wants Eco Play to provide a much-needed activity, play and education centre that will ensure that the development of the island is inclusive for young people.

FOTBOT were very pleased to raise £1,500 for this project. 

Falkland Islands Museum Appeal 2020/2021

In 2020/2021 we were incredibly proud to raise over £8,000 for the Falkland Islands Museum and National Trust. 

The appeal was to support a permanent home for larger artefacts owned by the Falkland Islands Museum and National Trust, as well their wider collection of objects that currently cannot be displayed within the Historic Dockyard Museum.  The large pieces include a Sea King Search and Rescue Helicopter flown by the Duke of Cambridge (Prince William), a Phantom aircraft, tanks, landrovers and the Governor's taxi.  The new Hall will also house the tale of the 1982 conflict, an exhibition on the Falklands' rural heritage, and large sections of shipwrecked vessels.

2019: Gough Island Appeal

In 2019, FOTBOT was proud to be supporting the Gough Island Restoration, a partnership programme by the RSPB and the Tristan da Cunha Government, to save the loss of over two million seabird chicks and eggs each year on the island, as well as a growing threat to the adult seabird population.  

Gough Island is one of the world's most important seabird breeding sites, and is noted of a World Heritage Site, close to Tristan da Cunha in the Atlantic Ocean.  Caused by the introduction of mice in the 17th century - which have now evolved to be 50% larger than normal house mice, with such massive losses each year there is a very real and imminent liklihood of extinction for the Gough Bunting and Tristan Albatross - both of which are Critically Endangered and are set to be extinct within the next 20-50 years.  A number of other Endangered and Vulnerable species are facing dramatic declines and also the danger of extinction.  The ocean dwelling birds that breed here come from far and wide - from Antarctica to the Gulf of Mexico.

The partnership led by the RSPB and Tristan da Cunha, working with the South African government, will see an active programme of island restoration in order to restore the balance on the Island by removing the mice from the island through a baiting programme.  The Island is mainly an untouched paradise for seabirds, with no human habitation on the island.

We are delighted to have selected this work for our fundraising campaign for 2019.  It is a huge scheme requiring specialist expertise developed in New Zealand, as well as massive logistical coordination.  Air and sea transport is needed, with the chartering of highly specialist helicopters and a large vessel which can be the operational base for the work, as Gough Island has no infrastructure and sees exceptionally strong winds due to its highly exposed location.

Photos: Ben Dilley

2018: Project Montserrat Appeal

Raised: £1000

In March 2018 FOTBOT launched a new campaign segment of our charity where each year we focus on an overseas territory to raise funds for a project in support of local efforts. 

In 2018 we chose Montserrat as our OT to support with Project Montserrat. 

Project Montserrat is a collaborative project in which FOTBOT is engaging with several organisations including Montserrat National Trust and UK-based UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum. This continues a 20 –year relationship on island between them, which we are keen to support. The project aims to protect the islands nature by working with local land owners, schools and communities to undertake actions which provide suitable habitat from some of the islands unique wildlife including by clearing invasive plants and in return growing native endemic and threatened plants. 

In addition to this beaches and rivers will continue to be cleared of plastic debris and other wastes. The benefits of which are many fold contributing to improved ecosystem services including: fresh water, the ability to grow food on the island, promote nature tourism and a more sustainable economy.

Pilot work has been undertaken over the last few years and much has been achieved including: enhancing aesthetic appeal of coastal areas and roadsides and environmental education. You can read about this here.

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