Who are you and what are your aims?

Friends of the British Overseas Territories is a charitable organisation which aims to promote the Overseas Territories and their interests, and strengthen the UK's deep historic links to them.

How do you pursue these objectives?

We try to achieve these aims by:

  • Fostering links between politicians and other significant persons in the UK with those from the Overseas Territories.

  • Working with UK politicians to highlight issues facing the Overseas Territories.

  • Educating the British public on the Overseas Territories.

  • Highlighting environmental issues facing the Overseas Territories.

Are you a charity?

Yes we are registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales; Charity Number 1156763.

Are there not already current Friends Groups for the Territories?

Yes. Several of the territories have individual Friends Groups. We will promote their services to BOT students and professionals that join us working in partnership together.

How can I support you?

Join us! Membership is £20. Visit our website http://fotbot.org/membership

If you are a student or from a low income household membership is £10. To apply email enquiries@fotbot.org

What are the membership benefits?

Exclusive Invites – As a member you will receive invitations to our functions in advance of the public launch date. Twice a year we also host membership only events which you will be notified about.

Discounted Rates – When we hold networking events you will be entitled to the discounted membership price.

News Bulletins – You will receive our quarterly membership newsletter full of interesting articles and information about the latest developments in the sixteen overseas territories.

Online Archive – See every issue of the newsletter since the first edition launched in 2013.

What are the membership criteria to join?

None! You just need to be a supporter of our objectives as stated above.

Will you be organising visits to the British Overseas Territories?

Yes. Our long term goal is to hold yearly educational visits to the territories inviting young people to attend. We also regularly host business and community leaders from the territories providing a unique networking opportunity.

Press enquiries: Robert.Midgley@fotbot.org