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FOTBOT proudly raises £3,175 for British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Turks & Caicos in Hurricane Irma aid appeal

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Hong Kong handover 20 years on:

Where do British Nationals Overseas stand?

Read the full article here

UK General Election: Where do parties stand with the Overseas Territories? Read full article here

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Anguilla celebrates its 50 anniversary

read the full story here

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What if Gibraltar were to use its 'Third Option' and integrate with the UK? read full story here

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Brexit: UK to 'stand up' for Gibraltar's interests in EU negotiations read full story here

10 minutes with Laveen Ladharam: How Brexit could effect Gibraltar read full interview here

BVI leader Premier Dr Orlando Smith talks to FOTBOT about tax, tourism, and the territory’s future after Brexit read the full interview here

Bermuda: Prospects for students?

Ashauntae Trimm talks to Fotbot about life in Bermuda and how she sees the future for the territory.

Read the full interview here

10 minutes with Samantha Chapman from the Falkland Islands

Fotbot spent 10 minutes speaking to Samantha Chapman, who studied in the UK and took her qualifications home to the Falkland Islands to become a teacher.


Read the interview here.

Fotbot stands to support the Overseas Territories in face of criticism caused by Mossack Fonseca leak

FOTBOT reiterates its support for the British Overseas Territories in the face of criticism caused by mossack fonseca leak.

Read our full press release here

VIDEO: Fabian Picardo's 2015 National Day speech

Watch here...

FOTBOT hosts 2 year birthday with Albert Poggio OBE


President of FOTBOT and Director of Gibraltar House UK - Albert Poggio speaks at our second year birthday event. Read more here.

UK General Election: What do the party manifestos mean for the Overseas Territories


Read what partys have included the Overseas Territories in their manifestos what it means. Click here to read the report.

Q&A: 5 minutes with Brenesha Cox from the Turks & Caicos


Read more here.

FOTBOT attend University fresher fairs across the UK


Read more here

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FOTBOT joins with Friends of St.Helena for their annual conference


Friends of St.Helena spoke of Nepoleon, their new museum and an overview of the islands, read more here...

BVI Premier re-elected

Read more here....


5 Minutes with Ashauntae Trimm from Bermuda

Read more here....

History archive

Stewart McPherson shares stunning photos from Akrotiri, SBA


View the gallery here

FCO Minister assesses possibility of Gibraltar joining Schengen Agreement


Read more here.

The Falklands, oil and Argentina


Following our event at the Falkland's Government Office in London, we take the knowledge we have gained and comment. Read more here.

Gibraltar's Chief Minister opens historical archive


Read more here.

Special report: UK Government commission report on re-housing population on Diego Garcia


What would a population need to make start a new settlement?

Read more here.

Photographer Jon Tonks visits Atlantic Islands


Read more here.

Falkand Islands to appear on Argentine currency


On the Falklands anniversary, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner unveils new Argentine bank note which features the Falkland Islands on.

Read more here.

Fotbot invited to Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey


Elizabeth Anderson, Fotbot member attended the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey, read her blog here.

Watch: Falkland Battle Day ceremony


Fotbot were guests of honour at the Falkland Islands Battle Day ceremony hosted by the Falkland Islands Associaition. Watch here.

FOTBOT at the FCO for the Pre-Joint Ministerial Council


Read more here.

Gibraltar's territorial integrity challenged


Read more here.

FOTBOT set up fresher fairs around the UK


Read more here.

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